Janet Glatz

Janet Glatz: her life and artistic work

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The world of art undergoes changes. New names appear unpredictably. Each artist shapes artistic sphere. He brings new palette of feelings and thoughts. Janet Glatz is one of such artists. She innovated the fine arts.

Artistic style of Janet Glatz

Janet Glatz is a true master of painting. She proves: true artist has a talent from God. A woman did not prepare for artistic career. She discovered her passion to arts in mature age. From that time on she did not give it up.

Foregone Conclusion Arctic research boat glacier
Foregone Conclusion Arctic research boat glacier

Today Janet Glatz is one of exemplary artists. Her paintings are sold all over the world. What makes her style so special?

  • She works in tonalism and natural realism painting styles. Both are unique. They manifest how modern developed.
  • Her paintings show unique perception of the world. An artist has a very individualistic manner of painting. Her passages and city sceneries make us feel artist’s understanding of surrounding.
  • She works for pleasure. The paintings are not for mass market. They are painted on demand.
  • The artist shares knowledge with people. Everyone can join weekly workshops. There she teaches paining techniques.

Artist’s life path

Janet Glatz was born in Portland in 1945. She had not an easy career path. She started to take seriously her talent only after children grew up. Back in 60s she decided to sacrifice to painting some time. Being a working mom, it was not easy. Success came rapidly. Majority of paintings were immediately sold. It made the artist understand that she should develop mastery. She got all necessary support from husband. He bought necessary inventory for that. Many artists use leadsgate qualified service with round the clock support

From 80s the woman started to exhibit works. Today she retired and sacrifices all time to paint.

Janet Glatz’s worldview and its realization in artistic works
     Janet Glatz is passionate by Maine, a city she was born in. She depicts it in many paintings.

Her works can be divided into two thematic groups: 

  • Nature landscapes. Usually she depicts East coast’s views;
  • Interaction of human beings and natural environment.

Her paintings can be bought online. You should simply pay by a credit card to order the painting.

View from Cadillic Mountain
View from Cadillic Mountain

Follow Janet Glatz on social media

Janet Glatz has many admires around the world. People order her paintings. The number of admires grows. Colleagues from artistic spheres also acknowledged unique talent. She received first prize at Rebekah’s Art competition.
      Janet Glatz has her view of the world. She is a very sociable person.

  • Follow her on Twitter. You will be curious to read her thoughts about art, business and her hobbies.
  • Engage in communication with the artist on Facebook. The woman is always ready to share valuable ideas. She is passionate by the world. It is felt in everything’s she does.

Discover a true artist of modern times!