Top 5 the Most Expensive Artworks in the History

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Works by famous painters can be a stylish decoration element in any office or a good addition to your art gallery. Some of the pieces are captivating, while others can be shocking and change your imagination. There is no general rule of how a painting should look like to have an art value and a high price. The most costly artworks in the world simply cannot leave cold because of their originality, unbelievable value or significance in the history of art. Collectors are ready to give a huge pile of money for these works, just to have them in their collections. In this post, we will present a selection of top 5 most costly canvases in the history of art.

Nude, Green Leaves, Pablo Picasso

The painting depicts the young muse of the 50-year-old Picasso – Marie-Theresa Walter. This surrealistic artwork was painted on March 8, 1932, in just one day, when Picasso was preparing for his exhibition in Buazelle. In the composition, the heroine is shown two times – in the form of the naked nature and a bust. It is noteworthy that the house in which the painting has been stored for 60 years was bought for about 15 million dollars.

The Savior of the World, Leonardo da Vinci

The painting was believed to have long been lost. However, it turned out that the artwork had been in the gallery of the English baronet Cook since 1900. In 1958, his heirs sold the painting at the Sotheby’s auction for no cost – 45 pounds. At that time, the authorship of Leonardo da Vinci was questioned because the picture was in bad condition. Besides, someone has apparently decided that the painting technique has nothing in common with Leonardo da Vinci. Later, an expert Robert Simon conducted some experiments comparing pigments of The Savior of the World with Madonna in the Rocks and acknowledged the authorship of Leonardo da Vinci. In 2013, Savior of the World enriched the collection of a Russia’s billionaire.

No. 5, Jackson Pollock

The painting presents the original style of a painter and is drawn in a completely unconventional manner. There were no brushes, easel and canvas. Because of the extraordinary manner in which paintings were created, Jackson Pollock was nicknamed Jack Sprawl in America. It is believed that this artwork is not quite deservedly included in the list of the most costly paintings, and the excitement around abstraction No. 5 has been created artificially. The drawing hadn’t been deliberately presented to the general public until all the works of Pollock went away in other collections. Despite this fact, the artwork was bought by David Geffen, one of the founders of DreamWorks.

Dream, Pablo Picasso

When a 50-year-old Pablo Picasso met the young Mary-Teresa Walter, his life and artistic career changed considerably. The 22-year-old blonde entered the life of the artist during his surrealistic period, and most of her portraits he created in this manner. Thus, during this period, the famous painter drew the most costly painting in just 1 day. The artwork features the special smoothness and elasticity of the lines.

Algerian Women, Pablo Picasso

Monochrome and colored in 15 variations, all labeled alphabetically as a version A-series, Algerian Women paintings by Pablo Picasso have been inspired by the motive of the work by Ezena Delacroix. The main character of all 15 compositions was Jacqueline Rock, the big muse of Picasso. The final version of artwork has become the most costly of the whole series. It is the most costly painting of not just the artist but also in the history of art.